Thank you to everyone who joined in #HatsOn4Ben this year

Here are some highlights

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we encouraged people to join in our Hats On 4 Ben campaign to raise awareness of mental health in the automotive industry. And, we asked people to donate if they can so that we can continue to help people in the automotive industry, especially those who are struggling with their mental health.

Over 50% of people who tum to Ben need help with their mental health, but your support is even more important and valuable in this time of crisis.

Hats on 4 Ben will help reconnect our automotive family during this difficult time and take action to support those who are struggling. So join us as we stay connected with family, friends and colleagues during Mental Health Awareness Week, encouraging people to talk about mental health and raise funds to support even more automotive people.

In the last year, your support and donations from our industry have helped us cope with a 70% increase in calls from automotive colleagues struggling with their mental health.

Since launching in 2015, you have generously donated £50,000 through Hats on 4 Ben, supporting hundreds of automotive people with mental health issues.

Your kindness has helped transform thousands of lives! Here's how to donate: